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Off-Site Accommodations

Because Las Palmas is not big enough to fit all of us, some of our guests will be staying in nearby hotels. If you are one of these people you have been notified by us. You will be able to easily take a taxi between your hotel and Las Palmas every day. Below is a list of the most recommended options that are closest to Las Palmas. You can click on the image to visit the hotel's website.

Binniguenda Huatulco

This is the closest hotel to Las Palmas. It is an all inclusive hotel and beach club 2 miles away.


Mision De Los Arcos

This one is cute and inexpensive, right on the square in downtown. It is 3 miles away from Las Palmas.


Dreams Resort & Spa

An all-inclusive beachfront resort 10 minutes from Las Palmas.


Holiday Inn Huatulco

The Holiday Inn is also 2 miles from Las Palmas.


Quinta Real

A beachfront boutique hotel 10 minutes away from Las Palmas.

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