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Logistics FAQs

How much will all of this cost me?

We will be taking care of all of the wedding-related expenses. All you will have to pay for is your flight, your accommodations, and any other personal expenses such as meals and excursions. We will also be ordering beer, wine, and liquor in bulk from the local liquor store that everyone will have access to throughout the week. The price includes accommodations for the week and breakfast every morning as well as 2 catered dinners provided by Las Palmas. It is broken up by room so depending on how many people are sleeping in your room the cost will be around $570-$770 per person for the week.


We booked and paid for the entire resort at once so you will not owe money to the resort directly but rather to Sami & Bobby. You can pay either one of us in any way that you prefer and we both have Venmo and PayPal. We will be reaching out to everyone individually with information about the final price once we have all of the room assignments in place. 

If you are staying at another resort and not at Las Palmas, you can find the prices on the hotel's website and book directly through them.

Which airport will we fly into?

We will fly into Bahias de Huatulco International Airport (HUX). The only airport you can fly directly there from in the US is Dallas, and only American Airlines does this. Because of this I think those of us in the north east will end up on an American Airlines flight through Dallas. You can also get there very easily from Mexico City so if you don’t want to fly on AA you can take another airline and go through Mexico City.  

How will I get to the resort from the airport?

The resort will arrange for us to be picked up from the airport and taken to the resort in eight passenger vans. We can also use these vans to get back to the airport an the end of our stay. This service is complementary. 

Do I need to get a rental car?

There is no need to get a rental car. We were told by our coordinator at the resort that Huatulco is extremely easy and safe to get around without one. She also said the streets are a little confusing to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the area so she doesn't recommend getting our own rentals. We already have a ride to and from the airport and there are taxis all over the place that you can just get into (like in the pre-Uber days). It costs about $4 USD to take a taxi from our resort into town (about 2 miles) and there is a taxi stand you can walk to at both ends. Also, all of the excursion companies do complementary pickups and drop offs to the resort so if we go out on an adventure we will have a ride then too. If there are a lot of us trying to go somewhere at once we can also arrange to rent one of the 8 passenger vans on the fly. (The resort concierge can help us with this) 

Where will I be sleeping?

Once we get all of the RSVPs in, we will start planning the room assignments and who will sleep in which villa or casita. Once we know the sleeping arrangements, we will post it in the Room Assignments section.

What about meals?

The resort will be providing us with a catered breakfast buffet every morning and we will be doing group dinners on certain nights. Some of the dinners will be hosted by the resort and some will be at a local restaurant in town. We will also be buying booze in bulk from the liquor store for everyone to enjoy. For all other meals, snacks, and drinks you can plan amongst your individual villa/casita or go explore the local food options on your own. There is also a grocery store in town and every villa and casita is equipped with a kitchen so you can cook for yourself as well.

Are we only doing activities as a group or can I do my own thing?

We of course want to do activities with you all week long but we do not have to do everything as a group. We will probably be planning some excursions as a group but if the activity we decide to do is not your cup of tea you are under no obligation to join. This is your vacation too, so you are welcome to do as much or as little as you want with your time in Huatulco. We are just excited that you are coming, and that we will get to spend some quality time with you!   

Is there a concierge who can help me book an excursion?

Yes! Las Palmas has their own concierge who can help us with anything we need during our stay and can help you book any excursions. They use Whatsapp to communicate with us so if you don't have the Whatsapp app you will need to download it. Then you can text the concierge at 52 (958) 109-1448 or 52 (958)116-8879. 

What should I wear to the wedding?

The wedding will be "beach casual". For women, a semi-formal dress, sun dress, or maxi dress are all appropriate options. Heals are optional and sandals or flip flops are also acceptable. No part of the wedding will be on sand so you can go ahead and wear those non-sand friendly heals if you want to! For the men, long pants and a button down shirt with short or three-quarter sleeves is appropriate. 

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